Who are we?

We are a digital marketplace where travellers will be able to purchase curated unique goods from each specific destination around the world.

Example of Products

Each city has its unique goods and that is what will be explored and provided on our platforms.

 Amsterdam         Barcelona         Lisbon       Madrid       New York         Paris         Rome         Tokyo

Competitive Advantages

 First to Market

A digital platform where travellers will be able to purchase unique goods from each specific destination.


Users will be able to customize what kind of goods they want to see and follow.


Users can choose to receive their goods at their current location or back home.

 Cross Device

Responsive design to provide the best user experience in both desktop and mobile devices. 

 Follow Stores & Users

Users will be able to follow their favourite stores and other users.

 Geo Location

Content of the app will be updated according to current location of users.

 User City Track

Users will be able to track their path throughout the destination during their trip.

 User Rewards

Top users will receive discounts and recognition within the app (buy different products, etc).

 Real Time Order Monitoring

Users will be able to monitor their orders in real time and know how much time left to receive it.

Our Team

With the right talent and a huge passion for the travel industry, we believe we can make a difference in a so competitive market.

Pedro Martins


Francesco Martini


Shruti Angiras


Contact Us

Whether you are an investor, a local store owner or a customer, send us a message and we will contact you back as soon as possible!

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